Hemofarm Belbien 10 MG (Zolpidem)


Improve your sleep with Hemofarm Belbien 10 MG (Zolpidem) tablets. Order now for secure online delivery. Achieve restful sleep with the aid of Zolpidem’s effectiveness. Trusted solution for managing insomnia and promoting better sleep patterns.

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Belbien Zolpidem 10 mg tablets are used for a brief period to treat people with a specific sleep disorder (insomnia). It makes it easier to fall asleep if you have difficulties doing so, which allows you to sleep better at night. Sedative hypnotics are a group of medications that include zolpidem.

How to use Belbien Zolpidem 10 mg tablets?

Take this drug by mouth as prescribed by your doctor, typically once at night, on an empty stomach. Take zolpidem before going to bed because it acts swiftly. It won’t work as rapidly if you take it just after food or with food. If you’re taking this medicine in capsule form, administer it as a whole. Avoid cracking, chewing, or crushing the capsules.

If you don’t have time to get sleep for a full night or at least 6 to 8 hours, don’t take a dose of this medication. If you need to wake up earlier than that, you can experience memory loss and have problems performing tasks that call for attention, such as operating machinery or a vehicle, properly.

Dosage information

The recommended dosage is determined by your gender, age, medical history, any other medicines you may be having, and how you respond to treatment. Never consume more Belbien tablet, use it more often, or keep using it longer than prescribed. Do not exceed 10 milligrams per day. Because the medication is eliminated from the women’s body more slowly than in males, they often receive a smaller dose than men. To reduce the potential for adverse effects, elders are typically prescribed a lower dose.


You can experience withdrawal symptoms (such as vomiting, flushing, nausea, anxiety, stomach cramps, and shakiness) if you suddenly stop using this medicine. Your doctor reduces your dose gradually to help prevent withdrawal. If you have used Belbien 10 mg tablets for a long period or in large doses, withdrawal is more likely to occur. If you experience withdrawal, tell your doctor straight away.

Even though it benefits, this drug occasionally leads to addiction. If you suffer from a substance use disorder (such as addiction to drugs or alcohol), your risk may be higher. To reduce the chance of addiction, take this medication as directed in the prescription.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Belbien 10MG tablet-

The medication Belbien Zolpidem 10mg tablets is used to treat insomnia (sleeplessness). It is a member of the class of drugs known as (CNS) central nervous system depressants, that calms the nervous system. You will fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep all night with the aid of zolpidem.
It's crucial to take a zolpidem tablet exactly as prescribed by your doctor. As opposed to taking medication every night, your doctor might advise you to do so only two or three nights a week.



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