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Get relief from nerve pain with Gabapentin 800 mg. This medicine contains Gabapentin and is a reliable treatment for conditions such as neuropathy, shingles, and seizures. Gabapentin works by affecting specific chemicals in the brain, reducing abnormal activity that causes nerve pain and seizures. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or a neurological disorder, Gabapentin can help you regain control of your life by alleviating discomfort and improving your overall well-being.

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The medicine Gabapentin 800 Mg tablet is used to treat peripheral neuropathic pain that is brought on by several illnesses, including diabetes, spinal cord damage, shingles (herpes zoster infection), etc. In conjunction with other medications, the medicine aids in the treatment of different types of seizures (fits). The medication is a member of the anti-epileptic drug class. To obtain the best results it must be taken at the same time each day. Your medical condition and how your body responds to the treatment will determine the exact dosage and length of time for the medicine dose and duration.

The medication may need a few weeks to start working properly. As long as your doctor has instructed you to, you should adhere to his or her instructions and keep taking your medication as prescribed. Missing a dosage could make the disease worse; do not do so. The majority of users of Gabapentin 800 mg tablets report no negative side effects. The most frequent adverse effects are weariness, vertigo, or sleepiness. The adverse effects are typically minor and go away on their own as your body adjusts to the medication. The majority of side effects are not dangerous and do not require urgent medical attention. If any of these adverse effects persist or become problematic for you, speak with your doctor.

Avoid drinking while taking this medication as it may make you feel excessively sleepy and lightheaded. If you suffer any odd mood swings, such as agitation, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts, call your doctor straight away. You should inform your doctor if you have any kidney problems or if you are above 65 years old before taking a Gabapentin 800 mg tablet. For such patients, your doctor might recommend a different dose. Before using this medication, pregnant or nursing women who are contemplating pregnancy should also consult their doctor.

Uses of Gabapentin 800 mg tablet

  • Used to treat partial seizures.
  • To relieve neuropathic pain in the extremities

Side Effects of Gabapentin 800 mg tablet

The majority of a drug’s adverse effects are temporary and go away when your body gets used to it. If you are concerned about them, consult your doctor:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Impaired coordination
  • Nausea
  • Nystagmus (involuntary eye movement)
  • Peripheral edema
  • Sleepiness

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Gabapentin 800Mg tablet-

For the treatment of partial seizures with or without secondary generalization in adults and also in adolescents of 12 years of age and older, gabapentin is recommended as a monotherapy. Adults with painful diabetic neuropathy, post-herpetic neuralgia, and other peripheral neuropathic pain conditions may benefit from gabapentin treatment.
Within two to three hours of taking a dose, Gabapentin begins to act on the body. However, it may take one to two weeks for the full effects of gabapentin to become apparent, and some individuals might need to wait longer to notice a remarkable reduction in pain.


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